Shakespeare Schools Festival

As part of the preparations for the performance of A MIDSUMMER NIGHTS DREAM by Year 9 students in February, the cast had the opportunity to spend a day rehearsing the piece so far and sharing the work with a professional actor who then helped them “workshop” one of the scenes from the play to help complete the first full run through of the piece.

The actor, Tom Barker, had travelled from Cardiff to work with the cast and was very impressed with the work the students have done so far. “This piece is going to be great!” He told me.  Tom, who has worked with the Shakespeare Schools Festival for the last 8 years, then worked on the final scene of the play with the cast.

The students felt they made a lot of progress; at the end of the session they said they felt that Tom and the day had helped them move on a long way. One cast member said, “He gave us techniques for us to think about in creating our characters.” And Chloe Ellis, playing the dual role of Oberon and Theseus, said “We can think more about the backstory so we could embody characters better”

The show is coming together with some props and costume starting to add to the magic of the performers’ excellent acting skills. When the show is performed at the Tobacco Factory on February 2nd, it is going to be magical!