Drama Awards 2022

Students from across the year groups and their invited guests got together to celebrate the Drama season 2021/2022 with an ‘Oscars’ style awards evening. Local celebrity Jon Monie, whose filming schedule prevented him being there in person, opened the proceedings with a recorded, but nevertheless, inspiring speech about the importance of taking part in the Arts and the benefits it can bring. The seven categories were then announced – including ‘Best Debut Performer’ to ‘The Technical Award’ and the ‘Drama Department’s Star of the Year’. All those who particpated in the season were rewarded with a certifcate but only the seven winners were presented with a special ‘St Laurence’ oscar style statuette. These will prove to be highly sought after, as one student remarked afterwards ‘I’m going to work really hard and get one of those next year!’ This was the first time the Drama Awards have been held but we are already looking forward to celebrating this season next year! Congratulations to all the nominees and winners and to everyone who made last year’s Drama season such an enjoyable and successful one.