Visit to The Salisbury Playhouse

The casts of NT Connections and the Shakespeare School’s Festival took a break from rehearsals to travel to the Salisbury Playhouse to watch the Ramps on the Moon production of ‘Much Ado About Nothing’. This performance was full inclusive and featured the innovative use of audio description, captioning as well as British Sign Language. The SSF appreciated the opportunity to watch another play by the Bard whilst the NT Connections cast and crew were excited to see the stage they will be performing on in March 2023. The students were excellent company – with members of staff and the audience commenting on their exemplary behaviour.

What the students said

I was moved by how accessible it was to people and how it showed many unique and talented actors because it will impact greatly on the younger children there, and for people that share the same condition as the actors, they will gain a role model. I cannot stress enough how much joy this could and will bring to someone.

I found the highlight of the show to be the outstanding work that the design team put into the set and lighting.

Overall this play was enjoyable to watch for everyone, it was beautifully and compassionately created the experience accessible for all.