Just ‘As You Like It’

Year 8 & 9 pupils (with the addition of an awesome year 10 who stepped in at the last minute) travelled to the Tobacco Factory in Bristol to perform their version of ‘As You Like It’ for the Coram Shakespeare School’s Festival. The 1970s were brought to life by an outstanding performance of Shakespeare’s comedy directed by Headteacher Mr Farrer and Drama teacher Mrs Warren. The cast were also ably supported by a tech team of two pupils, supervised by Mr Parker

Mr Farrer writes:

It’s a very tricky play as there are so many different characters, each having some kind of interaction with one another, across 2 different settings as well as a few ‘cheats’ from Shakespeare to round the story off neatly so the key to success was clear storytelling and good characterisation. We set it in the 70s disco era using music, lighting and costume to bring it to life and having two students run the tech was brilliant; well done to them!

Performing at the Tobacco Factory was a real treat. As a professional theatre, we had full access to the sound and lighting rigs, as well as a stage manager, dressing rooms etc. We had a full technical rehearsal, followed by a dress and then had the honour of opening the night

Well done to everyone in the cast. Mrs Warren, Mr Parker and I were very proud