The Return of the ‘Live’ Examiner!

Year 11 GCSE and Year 13 A Level students took us one more step back to ‘normality’ with performances of their scripted extracts to a real live examiner! During the ‘COVID’ years these scripted assessments either did not happen or were recorded and sent to the examiner who assessed them remotely. It was wonderful to welcome both an A Level and a GCSE examiner back into school last week for what amounts to 20% of both qualifications.

The Year 13 pupils performed an extract from ‘The Woman Who Cooked Her Husband’ by Debbie Issitt whilst the Year 11’s performed from a variety of plays including ‘DNA’ by Dennis Kelly, ‘The Queen Must Die’ by David Farr and ‘Pink Mist’ by Owen Shears. The pupils also performed their pieces the night before to an invited audience of family and friends which helped settle the inevitable nerves.

We were very proud of the way the students conducted themselves and one of the examiners praised them for their ‘professional and polite’ attitude. Well done to everyone involved and we wait with interest to see what the results will be in the summer………