GCSE/A Level Devised Performances

Year 10 and 12 Devised Assessments took place last week with performances of original work to family and friends. The pieces included the Year 12 performance ‘That’s What Makes Us Girls’ which was created in the style of The Paper Birds theatre company using verbatim testimony from St Laurence School students. One of the Year 12 students had opted to take on the role of Director and they were as equally proud of their cast as the teachers! The Year 10 devised pieces were based on different stimuli and we were treated to the sinister story of how ‘Jack’ got stuck in the box, the cautionary tale of ‘Peter the Puppet’, the therapeutic diaries of a diagnosed schizophrenic and uplifting stories of everyday pandemic heroes. As well as performers there were also GCSE designers for lighting, sound and costume. There is now written work to complete and we won’t find out grades until the very end of the course but congratulations to all the pupils for their excellent efforts.