Year 12 Graphic Design showcase

Year 12 Graphic Design Packaging Project

Year 12 were given the choice of three design briefs to respond to and develop a range of packaging for. After a few weeks of experimentation and development, here are some of their outcomes:

Year 12 Graphic Design Magazine Editorial Project

Year 12 were challenged with sourcing, illustrating and presenting a double page spread editorial for use in publishing. Here are some of their outcomes:

GCSE Food Technology

Welcome to Food Preparation and Nutrition at St Laurence School.

Food is the first of the essentials of life, the world’s largest industry. Eating is a necessary part of life in order to survive.  Did you know the average person spends a staggering 32,000 hours eating and drinking in their lifetime. 

Our Year 11 students have been busy developing their technical skills, from making their own breads, pasta, pastries, meringues, preserves and sauces to name but a few.

Look at how they have given their food the ‘wow factor’ on the plate… Haven’t they done well!

Mrs Dobson- Head of DT

Year 10 lino prints

After six months of exploring a range of different drawing techniques using pencil, fine liner, ink coffee and painting materials such as water colour and acrylic painting, Year 10 art students then moved into print-making, take a look a the range of outcomes produced below. We hope you enjoy looking at them.

Mrs Metcalfe

Year 12 Photography: Architecture Photomontage

Year 12 photography students were given a new project brief: Architecture.

They researched the work of well-known photographers, Lewis Baltz , Bernd & Hilla Becher, Sven Fennema and Todd Hido 

They were then set the challenge to take over 200 photos of architectural structures around Bradford on Avon /Bath in order to create a series of photomontages in the style of Anastasia Savinova.

Their outcomes below will be turned into 3D paper sculptures, so watch this space! 

Mrs Metcalfe