Magical Matilda Makes It – At last!

It was a long time coming but the junior production of ‘Matilda’ at St Laurence School marked a joyous step in the journey back to normality. The 40 strong cast and crew – predominantly Year 7 & 8 – wowed their audiences at both the matinee (performed to local primary schools Winsley and Walwayne) and in the evening to a packed Wiltshire Music Centre. Backstage the hairs on the back of our necks stood up every time the audience reacted with laughs and applause and the standing ovation at the end left us in no doubt that a great job had been done by all. The students were fantastic – both onstage and off – with some wonderful characterisation and impressive ensemble work. The crew was also made up of students from Years 8 – 10, in charge of the lighting, projections and stage management.

As Headmaster Tim Farrer remarked at the end ‘the Arts are back at St Laurence!’

What Storm?!

While the UK prepared for Storm Eunice, GCSE and A Level Drama pupils in Years 10 and 12 were safely in the Drama studio, preparing for their final performances of their devising work. Year 10 have been working in collaboration with Company Three on a project entitled ‘When This is Over’. Company Three are an Islington based Youth Theatre company who have created a blueprint for the performance and St Laurence is one of 40 groups around the country who have been involved. The project recently won ‘Community Project of the Year’ at The Stage awards and we are looking forward to having the trophy visit us in the near future. The GCSE students have worked very hard on the piece which saw them share valuable memories as well as their hopes and dreams for the future – ‘When This is all Over’. The soundtrack was made up of their favourite music and the play finished with ‘Don’t You Forget About Me’ from the iconic film ‘The Breakfast Club’ and a triumphant salute from the pupils who were justly proud of themselves!

You can read more about the work of Company Three here

Year 12’s piece was devised in the style of John Godber – who wrote plays such as ‘Bouncers’, ‘Teechers’ and ‘Shakers’. It was called ‘Snoozers’ and set in Wiltshire’s busiest budget hotel. The students played the staff who work at the hotel, along with a variety of guests including groups of stags, hens, businessmen and Russian holidaymakers. As with all Godber plays, the piece was funny but with a more serious underlying message and the students managed the transitions between the light and dark superbly. This performance, along with written coursework, makes up 40% of the final A Level mark and the students should be feeling confident that they did a brilliant job. The audience were suitably impressed – and we hope the examiners will be too!

Year 13 Photography: Personal Investigation

Year 13 Photography pupils have been exploring their own Personal Investigation over the last couple of months; this could be anything from, ‘An investigation into ways photographers capture people in the urban environment’, to, ‘How has perspective been used in photography over time?’. Pupils were asked to look at inspirational photographers as a starting point, then plan and take a series of photographs in response.

The latest lockdown period has proved challenging as students have been more restricted in terms of materials and equipment, however here are some examples of some of the mini outcomes they have produced during this time.

Mrs Metcalfe.

Summer Show

Due to Covid-19. our GCSE and A Level Art, Graphics and Photography students have not had the chance to exhibit their work at school in our annual Summer Show. We invited these students to submit their work via email so we could celebrate it on our blog. Here are the submissions below; well done to all that sent work in!




Year 12 Art: Glass making workshop

Last term, Year 12 art students went to Court Street Gallery in Trowbridge to attend a workshop led by Alex Compton, a local ‘Glass Artist’.
The students brought their sketchbooks along as a source of inspiration as they had previously been set a personal theme for their coursework which could influence their outcomes in the workshop. They used some of the studies in their books as a form of inspiration and were then shown different ways they could work with and manipulate glass in order to create two free standing pieces of glass art.
Everyone enjoyed the workshop and learnt some new, exciting and rewarding techniques.

Take a look at their outcomes below…