Year 7 Art Challenges!

Throughout Term 3, the Art department ran a series of optional Art challenges for Year 7 – an illuminated letter design about their personal identity, a creative photograph celebrating the work of the NHS, and the googly eye challenge.  The students produced some fantastic work – it is lovely to see how creative they are being whilst at home!

Mrs White

Year 7 Faculty Showcase: Textiles

Our Year 7 Textiles students had fun making sunglasses cases in Terms 1 and 2.  This gave them an introduction to using the sewing machines, working with felt, and creating their own designs.  For the rest of the academic year they will be making cushion covers, using the Art Deco design movement as inspiration for their designs.  They will work with a variety of decorative techniques and have an opportunity to design their own print block on our 2D design package.  Look out for further photos of their work!



Year 7 ADT Faculty Showcase: Adinkra symbols

7X1, 7X2, 7Y1 and 7Y4 have been looking at Adinkra symbols as part of Term 3’s focus on identity and creativity. Adinkra symbols orginate from West Africa and are often formed as stamps which are then printed on cloth to be worn. The symbols carry meaning, whether that be related to an indvidual’s personality or manner, or regarding wisdom or ancient proverbs.

Our students were tasked with creating their own Adinkra symbol which sums up their own personality and/or identity.

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