Year 13 Photography: Personal Investigation

Year 13 Photography pupils have been exploring their own Personal Investigation over the last couple of months; this could be anything from, ‘An investigation into ways photographers capture people in the urban environment’, to, ‘How has perspective been used in photography over time?’. Pupils were asked to look at inspirational photographers as a starting point, then plan and take a series of photographs in response.

The latest lockdown period has proved challenging as students have been more restricted in terms of materials and equipment, however here are some examples of some of the mini outcomes they have produced during this time.

Mrs Metcalfe.

Summer Show

Due to Covid-19. our GCSE and A Level Art, Graphics and Photography students have not had the chance to exhibit their work at school in our annual Summer Show. We invited these students to submit their work via email so we could celebrate it on our blog. Here are the submissions below; well done to all that sent work in!




Year 13 photography

Year 13 are about to start their final exam project. In the meantime, have a look at some of the work they have produced since the start of the school year as personal investigations around these themes: ‘Landscape’, ‘Still Life’, ‘Narrative’, ‘Distortion’, ‘Conflict’, ‘Relationships’, ‘Society’, and ‘Fashion’.

Click on the images to view at a larger size.